Still Standing

by illmac

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released October 28, 2016

Produced by Chase Moore.


all rights reserved



illmac Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Still Standing feat. Bobby Bucher (prod. by Chase Moore)
Intro (Bobby Bucher):
You ain't give me nothing but I'm still standing here
You ain't feed me nothing but I'm still standing here

VERSE 1 (illmac):

Blessings made me grateful, hardship that I go through
Failures made me hungry, success has made me hopeful
Habits made me stagnant but women made me feel high
Demons made me bitter but angels made me realize
Ego made me feel bigger than my city, had to leave
had to check my ego, that was baggage with a travel fee
fighting made me peaceful, learning made me teach you
Same love I gave you, that's the same love I leave you
The block made me, my pops made me,
them lil charges them cops gave me
throw shots, them shots made me
them brawls at the park made me
caught fade, got my shit rocked then fought daily
spit like Doc Dre n Pac raised me
Biggie made me hypnotized, Hovah made me throw up Roc
Bitches made me empathize, then they made a rolling rock
40 made a game spitter, Shady made a monster
then God made me choose when the Devil made an offer

HOOK (Bobby Bucher):
You ain't give me nothing but I'm still standing here
You ain't feed me nothing but I'm still standing here
And you can take it all away, but you can never take my soul
you can take it all away, I did that on my own

VERSE 2 (illmac):

I been about it, they falsify while I'm real about it
Fuck what you heard, fuck what you feel about it
I laugh my way to the bank pocketing bus passes
Ironic, getting cuffed is getting fucked backwards
I got it, demons get acknowledged
Don't mistake my silence but the studio's my solace
I blew out the flame watched the cig smoking
Cracked a lid open, yeah I been on one
That's shit I been knowing
First met you, got chills. use to think it meant something
Maybe that's just you, on my grave tiptoeing
See the world in faded colors, call log of faded numbers
Ain't feeling jaded the feelings gone, I make another
take another shot, roll another wood make another song, fill another void
While I bare it all
Miss another call, break another heart, build another wall when there's one destroyed
I swear to God that...

HOOK (Bobby Bucher):
You ain't give me nothing but I'm still standing here
You ain't feed me nothing but I'm still standing here
And you can take it all away, but you can never take my soul
you can take it all away, I did that on my own

I'm still standing here...
I'm still standing here...
I'm still standing here...
and you can take it...
Track Name: Timeless (prod. by Chase Moore)
check your watch


shit is timeless
got the gas for the mileage
eyelids heavy as the grind is
dollar signs in my iris
got me going through trials i ain’t leaving i’m a flight risk

shit is timeless
got the gas for the mileage
eyelids heavy as the grind is
crown of thorns i’m your highness
got me going through trials i ain’t leaving i’m a flight risk


grass growing spot serpents with no spine
jab throwing dodging bullets from both sides
at the end of my rope cutting some close ties
try to dig up dirt on me just unearthed a gold mine
drag my name through the mud cause i was raised in it
go head and dig me a grave i’ll even lay in it
you’ll be taking my place soon as i wake in it
to appreciate love you take the hate with it
how you expecting to shine unless the shade with it
but me and them ain’t the same til I say different
took the chain once took a loss though
took the hard road pray for a lost soul
paint pictures this aint picasso
van gogh when i pass ill probably die broke
i took the long way took the stairs up
to show the scars on my skin this shit ain’t airbrushed



ain’t a loyal friend in a life of crime
the stab wound is still fresh right beside my spine
lost a loyal woman still feel like you’re mine
numb breaking two hearts at once for the price of mine
fans pigeon hole me and it hinders growth
but my own self perception is what limits most
look up in the mirror i had this shit squeded
relection look so good i let it switch views
lot of people sleeping let em hit snooze
just blew the kiss of death only times my lips move
snakes are on my head like medusas weave
reaper in the background of my lucid dreams
devil on my shoulder and i can’t resist him
so the angel on the other’s feeling pesismistic
people switching on me while these bitches on me
if i see the pussy twice shit is glitching on me
hustle from an early age stressful
desert eagle don’t let the bird of prey catch you
good and evil don’t her flirty ways tempt you
lil classy lil ratchet thats my 38 special


flight risk, im guilty as charged
guilty as

(repeat) 4x
Track Name: Skipping Stones (prod. by Chase Moore)
I dont want to be famous, it's all an illusion
Dont wanna be part of a group or follow a movement
I threw out the blueprint, Im an improvement, I'm Karma, all consumin,
God body, chakras aligning in union
Every flaw u hide from everybody u usin, but everybody's usin everybody, if not you then ya probably useless
Highly amusing, this aint for the club, im finger painting in blood, drawing conclusions
Im awkward, i'm rude and not too into talking to humans, like what u want from me? honestly,
every song that I do is like skippin stones across the pacific or diggin to china carving w toothpicks
I'm not for the politics I'm withdrawn and reclusive
White label my vinyl and black market my music
Fuck a blog or a follow, need ya confidence boosted
over the net, I'm Mackinroe backhandin compliments to em bitch -
Flip the switch watch me stick and move, split decision ur wig, spit sm shit for u to ice Pick and choose
Do the math, long division proved you'd gasp if u saw my other half like magicians assistants do
disillusioned - fill an urn- pick off targets when confused... kill confirmed hit or misconstrued
I ate forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and stole Lillith from adam on the eve he had his rib removed
Dropping acid on Sour Patch Kids, sniffing Addi's, doing dabs, relaxing in OG flower patches
She falling, like grains of sand inside the hour glass, I'm the one, plug me in the Matrix bet the tower crashes
Rap game full of cowards, Iono how you lasted
Put the gun on your tongue for acting like a mouthy ratchet
Spreading rumors, spilling gossip, actin young like Andy Milanakis, shady n don't need Dre to have a guilty conscience
They think they in it for the long haul
Call their bluff, push the chips in let the cards fall
Never catch me slipping with my guard off
Now take a sip and let the tip of the cigar fall
On one, the plot thickens we high strung
My watch ticking, time is money, clock funds
This ambition ain't God given, they all sprinting, I jog with em, I'm equipped for the long run
My skin thicker, my pop's son so I fought young, got jumped, caught lumps, been robbed once
Seen call outs turn dial tones when the shots run
Fuck around and be worse off when the cops come
Ain't glorifying that sort of violence is mortifying
Mommas mourning, crying the name of the lord, the lord was silent
Of course we more defiant, sure that there's more to life than being poor and dying
Morning coffee with lawyers the court assigning
inside my skull's a thought bubble where I am home, but i dont know if im alone in this bio dome
I speak in code on a wired phone, the feds watching, wanna see me in a cell, im under their microscope
suicidal prone, use a blade to find my pulse, finger gun to my temple I fire chrome til my mind is blown
tie a rope around my neck, tighten noose, climb an oak, jump from the tree uproot it n leave a giant hole
mind control, u dont catch a line its fine I know, smtimes I go over heads just to light the bulb
Ayeatola on psycotropics, high as a skyscraper, live gator inside the boat that u tried to poach
can see inside your soul when my eyes are closed,
this is light exposed, this like mining coal and finding gold
deaths touch, gods love, so the cycle goes
Madussas stare, cupids arrow, zues's lightning bolt
the pilate stone, Osiris and Isis throne
the 3rd eye of horus, the trident poseidon holds
brainstorm until the climates cold, ice n snow,
skyful of flying a drones witnessin time unfold

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